With Olliv, crypto is for all of us - Update from Consensus 2023

With a Capri Sun in one hand and a jug of water from our fridge in the other, I carefully poured a cup of water in my Easy Mac macaroni and cheese before placing it in our microwave.  

I’ve made microwavable mac and cheese many times in my college dorm; however, I can’t say I’ve ever made it inside a booth at a crypto conference before.  

We officially launched Olliv  at Consensus 2023  – debuting a simple, intuitive financial-services platform that makes it easy for everyone to invest in and use crypto in their everyday lives.  

We get it, it’s easy to tell people that crypto can play a role in our day-to-day experiences, but we wanted to show how it really can. In fact, we built our own crypto home right at our booth!  

During our launch, we also hosted our very own “House Party” filled with fun games, candid crypto conversations, potluck dishes, karaoke, and the most epic flip cup tournament Consensus has ever seen.

In a way, choosing a place to get started with crypto can feel like picking your first home . You want something that feels comfortable, safe, and secure. Historically, crypto hasn’t always felt that way, but we wanted to change the narrative and show how it really can play a role in all our normal, everyday lives.

For those  that have been in the crypto space for years, it makes sense. But, for the rest of us that are just getting started, it can feel far from “normal.”  I will admit, when I first started my crypto journey two years ago, it didn’t seem easy.

Between the confusing tech jargon and many failing exchanges, you might question if you should avoid it altogether or spend hours trying to find something that finally makes it easy to understand.

That’s why we launched Olliv. It’s not just for the people already into crypto in fact, that’s not even who we are necessarily designed for. We’re here for everyone else. We want to help onboard the next million users who just haven’t taken the leap yet.

Whether you want to dabble in bitcoin for the first time, send your friend crypto, or simply because you want to finally put an end to your FOMO, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Most importantly, we’re a self-custodial platform. This means we aren’t like the exchanges out there you have probably heard about. Unlike them, we never hold your assets. Instead, your crypto is always where it should be – with you.

Curious how you can get started for yourself? Check us out at Olliv.com or download the platform via Apple’s App Store or Google Play now!

Sign up for a free Olliv account and begin your crypto journey today.