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Looking to buy BTC, ETH or another cryptocurrency? Olliv makes it simple! Use one of our bitcoin ATMs to buy crypto with cash or open a crypto wallet on our digital platform to take control of your crypto anywhere you go.  

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Buy crypto with cash.

Olliv's global fleet of bitcoin ATMs make it easy to buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies with cash! All you need is some cash, a smartphone, a digital wallet, and you’re set.

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Olliv is a free digital platform that gives customers full control and easy access to their crypto – even if it’s in another crypto wallet. Sync your crypto to Olliv's single solution for portfolio access, intuitive options for buying crypto, selling crypto, sending crypto, and receiving crypto from anyone around the world!

Order Desk - Real people. Real service

Our premier Order Desk service simplifies the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, bringing you dedicated support, speed, and security from our client relationship managers each step of the way.

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