How Web3 is Connecting Women and How to Get Started

When you hear about crypto in the headlines, it's often about price swings. Bitcoin is up. Bitcoin is down. This narrowly focused coverage on crypto prices overlooks one of its greatest benefits; its ability to empower underrepresented groups.

The Olliv team has long been a proponent of using cryptocurrency to promote financial inclusion among unbanked populations. Since 2015, our crypto ATMs have been an onramp to essential financial transactions for people who have been turned away from the traditional banking system.

We’re proud to say that a lot has changed since we started doing things in 2015 and now crypto’s underlying technology is being used to empower even more people through Web3. Web3 takes the inclusive ethos of cryptocurrency a step further by creating new opportunities for marginalized groups, like women, to connect and learn from each other through NFT-gated women’s communities. It's like a digital sisterhood, where women can come together and build amazing things! 

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What Web3 Offers Women

So, cryptocurrency's drive for financial inclusion is just the tip of the iceberg. Web3 takes that ethos and runs with it, providing new avenues for women to thrive and make their mark in the digital realm. It's an exciting time to be alive, where technology not only enables financial empowerment but also fosters communities where women can uplift each other. 

In Web3-based women's communities, women can leverage the power of blockchain technology to create spaces that are truly inclusive and supportive. They can share knowledge, discuss important issues, and collaborate on projects that matter to them. It's a refreshing change from the traditional male-dominated spaces we often see online.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Web3 communities that cater to women. 

  • My BFF is a vibrant Web3 community that provides a supportive space for women interested in blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. Through their online platform, My BFF offers educational resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs to help women navigate the complexities of the Web3 ecosystem. This community fosters an inclusive environment where women can learn, collaborate, and thrive.

  • Crypto Coven is an inclusive and diverse community that celebrates and empowers women in the crypto space. It provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration through events, webinars, and workshops. Crypto Coven aims to bridge the gender gap in the crypto industry by offering mentorship programs and highlighting inspiring stories of women in the space.

  • Surge Women is a Web3 community dedicated to supporting and uplifting women in the blockchain and crypto sphere. With a focus on education, networking, and career development, Surge Women provides resources and opportunities for women to gain confidence, acquire new skills, and excel in the Web3 ecosystem. The community organizes regular meetups, webinars, and hackathons to foster a supportive environment for growth.

  • World of Women (WOW) is an influential Web3 community that champions the participation and representation of women in the blockchain and NFT space. WOW provides educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive network for women interested in exploring and contributing to the Web3 world. The community also organizes art exhibitions, panel discussions, and hackathons to showcase the talents and achievements of women in the space.

These communities, among many others, offer a safe and empowering environment for women to connect, collaborate, and learn in the Web3 ecosystem.

How to Join Web3 Communities for Women

The first step to joining communities like MyBFF, Crypto Coven, or any of the others mentioned above is to purchase the corresponding NFT. These NFTs act as an all-access pass to everything the communities offer. While you may sometimes have the opportunity to mint a brand new randomly generated NFT from these communities and others, the easiest way for a beginner to get their hands on one of these NFTs is through a secondary marketplace. 

OpenSea is a secondary marketplace that allows you to buy and sell Ethereum-based NFTs (note: all of these NFT communities mentioned above run on Ethereum). OpenSea allows you to sift through each community's NFTs available for sale so you can find one that best matches your aesthetic and price point. When looking through popular Web3 community NFTs, just be sure to look for the blue checkmark next to the community’s name. That way you know you’re getting the real deal and won’t have any problems accessing your community benefits. 

To buy an NFT on OpenSea, you will first need Ethereum and when it comes to cryptocurrency, you can rest assured that Olliv has you covered with a secure self-custodial wallet solution.

Olliv: Your Gateway to Web3

Olliv is the ideal first step for anyone interested in diving into the exciting world of Web3. As a self-custodial crypto platform, Olliv offers a user-friendly and secure way to buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies like ether. Whether you're new to the crypto space or an experienced user, Olliv simplifies the process of obtaining the crypto needed to embark on your Web3 journey with ease.

Let's embrace this digital revolution together and create a future that's more inclusive, diverse, and downright awesome!

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