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Bring your customers easy access to cryptocurrency — and we’ll pay you cash. Hosting a CoinFlip cryptocurrency ATM is a low-risk, low-maintenance way to earn passive income.

Free installation and maintenance

We take care of everything. You provide the floorspace, we’ll provide installation and ongoing maintenance.

Around-the-clock customer support

No training required. If you’ve got a question—or if one of your customers does—we’ve got award winning, 24/7 customer support.

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Host an ATM in 3 simple steps
Sign up

Our single-page store info form takes just a few minutes to fill out.

Get verified

The CoinFlip team will confirm your eligibilty to be an ATM host.

Schedule free installation

We’ll ship and install your CoinFlip ATM at your convenience—at no cost to you.

We promise our hosts there won't be another CoinFlip ATM within a 10 minute drive. Check our ATM Locations map to see if you can be the first in your area.

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