Big news from CoinFlip: Announcing Olliv!

After years of research and hard work, CoinFlip is getting ready to launch Olliv! We’re still the same company that our customers have come to know through our hallmark features, like our global network of over 4,000 bitcoin ATMs, the personalized service of our over-the-counter Order Desk, and award-winning 24/7 customer support based in our Chicago headquarters.

None of that is going away. But now, we’re broadening our product offerings and expanding our mission to better serve those who want to buy, sell, swap, send, and receive crypto from anywhere, anytime.

The mission of Olliv

One of the findings from our longstanding experience as a bitcoin ATM operator was that nearly 30 percent of our customers consider themselves unbanked or underbanked. Crypto is unique in how it allows the underbanked and unbanked to participate in the new digital economy.

But for CoinFlip to function as a next-generation financial services platform that caters to the needs of normal people, we needed to revisit the brand and its mission. CoinFlip was dedicated to becoming the most customer-centric financial solution powered by cryptocurrency, and that was an excellent starting point. Beyond continuing to focus on our kiosk customers, we’re thinking of bigger and better ways to expand access to crypto while still focusing on customer security and success.

Olliv is the banner we're rallying behind while we onboard and support consumers throughout their financial journey with our easy-to-use products and technologies. It’s a simple, intuitive financial services platform that makes it easy for everyone to invest in and use crypto in their everyday lives.

Making crypto more accessible and safer for customers

Throughout our company’s nearly decade-long lifespan in the crypto industry, we’ve made it our mission to expand access to the digital economy through crypto-powered tools like our bitcoin ATMs. Now, the Olliv platform provides access to the full range of crypto-powered financial management tools within the simplicity of a seamless app available on mobile or desktop. Now, our customers can buy, sell, swap, send, and receive crypto from anywhere. At any time.

Customers will be able to take their crypto with them wherever they go, as Olliv champions simplicity, safety, and security. In that vein, we’re giving users the ability to create a self-custodial wallet at sign up for no charge. Users who hold a self-custodial wallet on Olliv will also hold full control of their crypto at all times. We’re fully embracing the DeFi concept on which the concept of cryptocurrency was founded.

Our business may be evolving, but our commitment to our customers and financial equality remains solidly intact. Get started now and see how we’re bringing crypto to normal people!

Sign up for a free Olliv account and begin your crypto journey today.