Here are the businesses who accept bitcoin as payment in 2022

People with bitcoin (BTC) in their crypto wallets might be wondering how to pay in bitcoin the next time they’re shopping for groceries, electronics, or airline tickets. It might come as a surprise then, that even though Satoshi Nakamoto brought his Bitcoin Whitepaper into the world over 13 years ago, the list of companies that accept bitcoin isn’t exactly a long one. Still, the variety of places that accept bitcoin is hinting that a diverse range of businesses sees the practicality of actually accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Who accepts bitcoin in 2022?

  • Starbucks: For those coffee drinkers who wonder, “Where can I spend bitcoins?,” this answer might just make your day. Starbucks partnered with a payment processor named Bakkt in 2021 to allow users of the coffee chain’s mobile app to redeem bitcoin for gift cards that can then be applied to purchases of coffee or food at Starbucks locations. Coffee for crypto? Yes, that’s a thing now.

  • Home Depot: The house that bitcoin built. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? This is a notion that can (practically) ring true for some shoppers at the home improvement megastore Home Depot. The cashier might be unaware that shoppers are paying for those carts full of paint, plywood, and plumbing fixtures with BTC, though. Like some other entrants on this list of companies that accept cryptocurrency, Home Depot uses a payment system called Flexa to process payments that instantly converts crypto into U.S. dollars at the point of checkout.

  • Twitch: The worlds of gaming and cryptocurrency are forging close bonds. The appeal of DeFi might be self-explanatory to an audience that’s accustomed to the idea of a global network that collectively participates in virtual experiences. After all, that’s what much of gaming is all about in 2022. And for Twitch, being an environment where you can spend bitcoin is part and parcel of their plan to be the go-to streaming platform for gamers.

  • Chipotle: In 2022, fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle served up the news that they would now accept bitcoin payments…with a side of guac. Chipotle partnered with Flexa to bring crypto payments to its stores so customers could pay for burritos and all the extra guacamole their hearts desire with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC.

  • Microsoft: Software giant Microsoft was an early adopter among businesses that accept bitcoin, announcing the inclusion of bitcoin as a payment method back in 2014. Fast forward a couple years, and Microsoft made some amendments to its policy of allowing customers to pay for software, Xbox games, and computers with bitcoin. After some back and forth, it appears that bitcoin payments are allowed within the Microsoft Store but not universally across all Microsoft-owned platforms like the Xbox Marketplace.

  • Whole Foods: Does Amazon accept bitcoin? Not quite. But the grocery chain that’s owned by Amazon does. So even if Amazon Prime members are left wanting more when it comes to buying goods with bitcoin from the world’s largest online retailer, at least they’re able to spend cryptocurrency at Whole Foods.

  • AT&T: The mobile carrier AT&T made a move to meet the needs of customers wanting to pay for their mobile devices in bitcoin back in 2019. This made them the first major U.S. wireless carrier to accept bitcoin as payment.

  • Gyft: Searching for stores that accept bitcoin can take time, and it may limit consumers’ choices in where to shop. That said, online gift card marketplace Gyft came up with a clever workaround for those who are asking, “Where can I spend bitcoin?” Gyft accepts bitcoin as a payment method in their online store that offers gift cards from hundreds of retailers. That means that users can effectively convert their bitcoin into redeemable gift cards in no time – as long as they have their crypto wallets set up, of course.

  • Dallas Mavericks: Billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been an outspoken proponent of crypto for quite some time. It makes sense, then, that Cuban would spearhead a move to make the Mavericks one of the early movers among NBA franchises to accept bitcoin. “We want [to give] our fans who would like to pay with bitcoin the opportunity to do so,” Cuban said in a 2019 press release announcing the move to accept bitcoin as a form of payment for online ticket and merchandise sales.

  • Miami Dolphins: Anyone who’s considered attending the annual bitcoin conference in Miami probably wasn’t blindsided by this news. In 2019, Miami’s resident NFL franchise announced plans to enable bitcoin payments at home games for fans participating in the 50/50 raffle. The Dolphins also accept litecoin as payment for the in-game raffle where a portion of the ticket sales goes to support charitable causes.

  • Etsy (varies depending on vendor): While Etsy doesn’t officially count as one of the places that accepts bitcoin, there might be an opportunity to pay for those delightful and handmade ‘I heart BTC’ t-shirts with crypto. If a vendor on Etsy has their payment methods set to include manual payment methods (which shoppers would see as ‘Other’ in the menu of payment options during checkout), then they would be able to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for their merchandise.

  • Shopify (varies depending on vendor): Here’s another online marketplace that gives vendors the flexibility to accept payments in cryptocurrency. If shoppers are searching for online stores that accept bitcoin, they may want to browse through the available options on Shopify. Vendors can choose from a curated list of crypto payment processors, including BitPay, which specializes in bitcoin payments.

  • ExpressVPN: Online privacy is a pivotal talking point for many in the crypto community, and it makes sense that a business designed to safeguard customers’ online privacy is among the companies accepting bitcoin. Customers can pay for their ExpressVPN membership with BTC if they choose at checkout.

  • Intuit: Whether they’re managing a company’s payroll with Quickbooks or preparing their own taxes with TurboTax, millions of customers are leveraging the financial management software from Intuit. And because they’re supporting so many accountants and tax professionals, Intuit is keenly aware of who accepts cryptocurrency in their day-to-day business operations. That’s why they publish a step-by-step guide on how to accept payments in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for financial professionals.

  • REEDS Jewelers: This fine jeweler is upfront about being a store that takes bitcoin. Customers can pay for their purchases with bitcoin on both the REEDS website and in person at one of the jeweler’s retail stores across the United States.

This list of businesses that accept bitcoin is by no means exhaustive, but it does hit upon some of the most influential brands and businesses who’ve made the move to officially accept crypto payments. This list is likely to grow in the coming months as more businesses recognize the demand from customers to pay with bitcoin.

As a reminder, all cryptocurrency transactions are final and irreversible, making caution even more important. Be on the lookout for common crypto scams as you look for ways to spend bitcoin. As a general guideline, please be diligent when making a transaction or providing personal information.

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